The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam

Bangkok is known for its shopping and when we say shopping its really a a good shopping deal which i will write on my next blog. Sorry for the long list of blog i was really busy this past few months planning for my wedding.

So going back we checked in to this  Berkeley Hotel Pratunam (5 star hotel) which is near the Pratunam market and 5 minutes walk to Platinum Fashion Mall (a shopping haven in Bangkok)


Here is the nice lobby of the hotel. Sorry for the blurry pictures as we were so tired from the airport.


The elegant lift going to the rooms.

11882632_10207253620809929_6651798799619667489_o (2)

This is our room it looks messy when we checked in. The smell is kinda dusty and really not refreshing. Did i mentioned that it was 5 star hotel?


In the small window  corner of our room you can see the Platinum Mall and the Novotel hotel. I think its around 110 sgd when we booked under Agoda and  it was on promotion but the next day it will be around 250 sgd because of long holiday of Singapore National Day last August 2015.  12837257_10208519191848414_1487192239_o

I never had the chance to use this dresser.


The bed is also unmade


I was not able to get photos but there were some hair strands left in the tub and in the walls of the shower.



To my dismay i called the reception to report the case of our room. I had the chance to talk to the manager that day and i informed her that I’m really disappointed for the cleanliness of this 5 star hotel. I was really surprise with her answer when she told me that they should have not been granted as 5 star rather should be a 4 star hotel. In the end they didn’t do anything to alleviate my dismay. I guess i don’t know if Agoda is the one rating them 5 star or they don’t really wanna be on that level .

On the positive side i only booked this hotel for one day because of their  expensive rate on the next day.

Pros: it’s really close to shopping centers (Period)


-Not sure of their cleanliness level

-Didn’t meet the standard of 5 star hotel maybe around 3 star hotel

-Overrated by Agoda

-Poor customer service and unprofessional management specially in handling complains

I got nothing more to say than this dismay.

Overall Experience: I would never book this hotel again and will always double check  the reviews and standard. I would even check if the price really reasonable or you can suffice the comfort over the price.

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 (only for location wise 1 pts. and lobby design 0.5)








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