Realty hurts: The Kanchuburi Tour

Kanchuburi is two hours drive from bangkok city. We booked a one day tour going to this place as i heard so many reviews  from tripadvisor and some bangkok travel blog.

It was 6 am we were pick up from the worst hotel and headed to picked up some other tourist who will join us with the tour. We booked a tour from a website and there were a lot of activities to choose from but since we only have 1 extra day left we have choose the kanchuburi falls and the elephant bathing experience.

I read a lot of articles regarding animal cruelty in Thailand and we are wondering why these business is still operating so we want to find out ourselves the sad truth about this news.

Our first stop is the Erawan falls:


this place is well protected by the government and is well maintained too. Tourist are not encouraged to bring foods inside. There are five falls inside this park if I’m not mistaken and we only visited 2 at least.

It was quite difficult to climb as there are some stiff stairs.


We were also informed that it will take you the whole day to finish the whole trip and we were only given 1 hour to stay at this place.So if you into adventure and nature this is the place for you to go.




My husband swam for just 30 mins and packed our bag to go back to the meeting place. It was already 2:30 pm when we left there. I was really looking forward to have my ever first encounter with the elephants.

So we arrived now at elephant camp. There a few tourist we saw in the place i guess because it’s weekday and already getting late, also the weather is windy too.


My husband was quite scared at first but i was the one who was really excited to have this experience. You may bring your camera as some staff  will assist in taking photos.11954573_10207257746473068_1665575122497048293_n

It was quite slippery and scary at first but the master at my back had a control to the elephant. He was hiding on his back a pointed stick to control the poor elephant. I felt guilty and disappointed, i thought on those videos i saw in the internet  that they were just disciplined animals following their master.


While we were at the back of the elephant i can feel he is tired and feeling out of balance after 4 splashes and he slowly went down rest a bit.

He looks really old with very dry skin and i saw some dry wounds on his ears and back.10413418_10207257746673073_3730312172664735290_n

You can see in this photo before going down that the master is controlling at the back. I can feel that the elephant is really tired so me and my husband decided to quit the bathing and finish our experienced after 4 splashes. I guess its not worth to see them having difficulty because of our satisfaction, it was really an eye opener for us. Indeed it was an experience i would never forget but also reality check that some parts of our world there are real abuse happening which we don’t focus on.

After the tour i really felt guilty and feel so sorry about the situation in Thailand. I hope that this blog would somehow educate other tourist who are planning to have a tour  there also for them take into consideration the situation of the poor animals.

This is the sad reality situation happening there.

Sometimes there is a sad story behind the camera.


I wouldn’t recommend the tour that we had there cause i only made this blog to promote awareness to everybody. As for my future kids  i will still choose to see animals in the zoo living freely and enjoying life cause that is how it’s suppose to be.






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