Bangkok Trip



is on of my favorite destination in Asia. Aside from the shopping this country is full of art, great food, rich in culture and one of the most friendliest country I have been to. It’s all in one place.


It was an early flight for me and Alfred. We are arrived 6 am in the airport and had breakfast at coffee bean. I had my favorite caramel frappe and Alfred got green tea. To prevent from starving in our flight i got myself a spicy tuna pasta which is really spicy that i didn’t managed to finish (too spicy for me i guess)


After three and half hours flight from Changi Airport  we finally arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport which is nearer to the city.



Bangkok has a great train system which is accessible to most areas like malls and tourist spots.

We took the BTS going to pratanum market.


Their BTS is an open space and full of creative advertising stuffs.


Advertisement everywhere.


I do suggest to travel lightly when you opt to use their local transportation as they don’t have elevators and escalators. Good thing i have a great husband to carry my things.

Traffic situation in bangkok is worst that even a 1 km distance will take you about 30 minutes or worst 1 hour (really that bad specially on peak hours) . Also if you choose to take the taxi please do bargain or ask them to use the meter as some drivers are charging per trip which will cost you more.


Wifi/ Maps

It is always helpful to do some research.For us we got a tourist sim card which can help us locate those places and search for hidden treasures of Bangkok. 12325491_10208519562817688_1069553193_o

Cost is around 299 baht or 12 sgd which can be bought in the airport. 


Please try their famous pad thai which is one of my favorite thai food.  You can have this food anywhere in Bangkok.

11953329_10207253625570048_8388540220941179180_o (1)


We also went to Asiatique which is located near Saphan Taksin BTS from there you will see a FREE ferry going to Asiatique. 12499571_10208519192848439_2033789037_o

Asiatique has a variety of activities to choose from one of our favorite is the live MUAY THAI show but the last show started when we came.

There are lot of interesting shops like the one below:


Or some cute souvenirs that are useful and quirky.


You can also explore and have some instagram worthy shots:



Don’t forget try the restaurants there, one of my favorite food is the crispy chicken with thai sauce which so good like singapore chicken rice.

11935137_10207253626130062_1907657479596638672_o (1)

Too cute to eat these cakes!

11884704_10207253626530072_5387751599301993363_o (1)

 Chatuchak Weekend Market

After that we headed back  to catch the Chatuchak Weekend Market which is scheduled from friday afternoon to sunday evening. Be sure to have your shopping bag and wear comfy shorts as the place gets crowded.

Shopping time

Here are some of the items i got from there:


Dresses- 10- 15 sgd

Tops – 5 sgd

Pouch souvenir – 10 sgd for 4 pcs

Keychain- 1 sgd

Cultural Bag – 20 sgd

Sports Bra – 4 sgd

Sandals -10 sgd

Navy Bag- 15 sgd

Notebook- 10 sgd

Overall its really cheap and you will find so many cute items! I really love Chatuchak Weekend Market that we even went there before heading back to the airport to spend all our remaining baht.

Here you can find street foods too:

11950386_10207253625770053_8066225809988745330_o (1)

Morning before our flight we decided to visit their well known temples

Wat Arun and Wat Pho


We were there a week before the bombing in bangkok. Thank God we were safe during our vacation. Nowadays its so difficult specially on some terrorist attacks news coming out but i believe that if it happens it happens.

Life is too short not to travel!

Travel while we are still young! Travel while we still can!


Bangkok will always be close to my heart! Thinking now on our next stop! Can’t wait to travel again!


*Credits to Alfred for the nice photos. (the man behind chachameetsworld) 












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