Alfresco Gusto Ion Orchard

We visited Alfresco Gusto because my friend had AMEX 50% discount for 6 pax. We arrived around 7 PM . Luckily we were placed in their indoor seat as it was gloomy outside. The place was not crowded but if you are going out with a group i suggest to make a reservation.

We tried all their specialties in their menu but most of their food is good for sharing (2 pax).



For appetizer we ordered Mozzarella Ball,truffle fries and fisherman’s bucket which consist of fried fish, calamari and im not sure if the other was chicken.


Fisherman Bucket (S$18)


Truffle Fries (S$16)


Mozzarella Ball (S$14)


We ordered two pizza which was the smoked salmon and the pollo avocado, I personally loved the smoked salmon as the crust is perfectly cooked, the flavors compliment with each other.


Smoked Salmon Pizza ( S$28)


Poll Avocado (S$24)


For the pasta we tried their famous carbonara, its creamy and perfectly flavored, i think i will go back for this dish as i love white sauce in my pasta and the egg was perfect.


Carbonara (S$24)


For the main we ordered the Pepper Wagyu, as im not a fan of pepper i find it so spicy but the beef was tender and if you love pepper then you might wanna try this.


Wagyu (S$38)


We have tried their panna cotta and tiramisu. My favorite was the panna cotta as its sweet sour and the texture was great meanwhile the tiramisu is so so because im not really fan of dark chocolate.


Panna Cotta (S$15)


Tiramisu (S$15)

Overall I did enjoy the ambience, the pizza, carbonara and the panna cotta. Our total damage for everything SGD 170.67 including the SGD 132 amex discount.

Chacha’s verdict:

Ambience : 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Food: 🌟🌟🌟

Value for money: 🌟🌟🌟

Overall: 3/5


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